Poster guidelines | Deadline for submission: (strictly October 1st, 2024)

Please note that on this occasion you just have to submit the poster document directly (no abstract document is needed). Please use the optional template that you can download below to create your poster. The Scientific committee will contact you by email after reviewing your poster to confirm whether it has been accepted or rejected.

Dowload the template for your PPTLogin to submit ePosters
  • Posters should be in English with no more than 400 words and must include the following:
  • Submitter name and email
  • Name of presenting author who must be registered for the meeting once poster have been acceped
  • Poster title
  • Authors with affiliations listed as numbers eg Michel Michels1
  • Full affiliations listed as numbered eg 1. Union Hospital (note must include city, and country)
  • Background
  • Materials and methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • References if any and referenced within the copy as follows [1,2]
  • Figures may be included and should be referenced within the copy as follows (Fig 1); all figures must have titles.
  • If using symbols please include full name eg TNF alpha, IL-1 beta
  • Please be advised you can only upload PNG ePoster images.
  • Minimum PNGs resolution: landscape 1920x1080.
  • Your ePosters will not be accepted if it does not meet the minimum resolution.